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Phoenix Wrongful Death Attorney Near YouDeath is never easy. The overwhelming nature of death is only magnified when that death is caused by a preventable tragedy. It is terrible to lose a loved one, but to lose them in an untimely manner due to negligence on the part of someone else is inexcusable.

Here at Stewart Law Group, our Phoenix wrongful death attorneys will offer legal counsel and compassionate support to those that are grieving the loss of a loved one, and looking to seek compensation for the costs that loss incurs.

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We encourage you to learn more about wrongful death cases in the state of Arizona. See how potential settlement payouts are processed in the state.

Wrongful Death Attorney Arizona FAQs

Our experienced team of Phoenix wrongful death lawyers has compiled some general info & questions past clients have asked.

It may seem difficult to even think of filing a wrongful death claim during such an emotionally taxing time, and no amount of compensation will be able to fill the void that is left by a loved one’s absence, but monetary damages can help to offset the potential economic strain that their death can cause as well as serve in a small way as a source of justice for their untimely demise.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases

For a death to be considered eligible for a wrongful death claim in the state of Arizona under statute 12-611 it must fall under the following criteria.

It must be of a loved one, such as a spouse or child. Their death has caused their loved ones to suffer monetary loss in some way. And there must be proven negligence that caused the death to occur and as of such if the victim had survived would have been eligible to seek damages through a personal injury claim.

There are a number of instances where such deaths could occur and which the Stewart Law Group will advocate for on the behalf of the beneficiaries to help them receive compensation and settlement that will help in the recovery of their loss.

These include:

  • Car or Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Defective or recalled products
  • Workplace injuries and accidents
  • Intentional Assault
  • And more

This list represents just some of the most common wrongful death cases in Arizona, there are certainly more types of cases. A Phoenix car accident attorney at Stewart Law Group can help navigate car accident related wrongful death.

What Sort of Compensation Do Wrongful Death Cases Provide?

There are a number of factors considered when looking at the details of a wrongful death claim. Each case is unique and a qualified wrongful death attorney will work to establish a case for the need for compensation to assist in all of the following:

  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • Outstanding medical bills for the decedent
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Loss of relationship or consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

When it comes to seeking compensation for a wrongful death we can help walk you through the entire process. As difficult as it may be it is important to act when there has been an injustice done. There is a statute of limitations in which a wrongful death claim can be filed. In the state of Arizona, this is two years from the date of the death of the decedent.

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If you are currently dealing with the loss of a loved one we wish to extend our condolences to you during this difficult time. If you feel that the circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one were preventable we invite you to reach out to our team here at Stewart Law Group. We will compassionately listen to all details and then fight to get you a wrongful death settlement or wrongful death payout after a trial that works for you and helps you start to put the pieces of your life back together. With multiple office locations throughout the Phoenix area of Arizona including Tempe, Chandler, and Scottsdale, we are here to help you. Contact us today for your free case evaluation. 602-562-5000.