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Have you or a family member been hurt by the negligence of an individual or organization? If so, you may be entitled to receive monetary compensation for your case.

The Stewart Law Group understands the physical and emotional toll that personal injuries can take on your life, and we are here to help you navigate the legal process. As a leading personal injury firm in Scottsdale, we have a transparent fee structure and a proven track record of successfully representing our clients.

We are dedicated to helping you set things right after your injuries, and our experienced attorneys are ready to fight for your rights. Starting your legal journey with us is easy – simply request your free, no-obligation personal injury case review today. Don’t wait to seek the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at 602-562-5000 to set up a consultation.

What Are Personal Injuries?

Any injury received due to a third party’s negligent activities could result in a personal injury and potentially, a case. Here are some common examples of circumstances that yield injuries that could cause the victim to try to file a civil action:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident
    • Car
    • Truck
    • Motorcycle
    • Commercial Vehicle
  • Bicycle Accident
  • Pedestrian Accident
  • Dog Bite
  • Slip and Fall

Understanding Damages

For an individual to be able to file a case, they need to prove that there were damages that resulted from their injuries. These damage types can be broadly classified into two primary categories: economic and non-economic damages. In Arizona, there are no caps on damages that a victim can receive due to their personal injury case.

Economic damages are the real-world costs associated with coping with the aftermath of a personal injury. This can be medical bills, assisted living costs, the victim’s past lost wages, and lost future earning potential.

Non-economic damages, in contrast, are the intangible costs associated with a personal injury. For example, someone in a Scottsdale car accident may have lost wages resulting from their injury, but also pain and suffering – which can be difficult to quantify in the same way as a real monetary effect of the accident.

Arizona Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitations is the legally codified length of time any plaintiff brings their case against a defendant. For personal injury claims in Arizona, the statute of limitations is generally two years from the date of the accident or when the injury is discovered.

This statute of limitations would likely apply in cases resulting in:

  • Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Catastrophic Injuries

It’s important that, no matter how long you think you have to file your Scottsdale personal injury claim, you start working on it as soon as possible. The sooner you gather all the relevant information and documentation in the event of an injury, the sooner the Stewart Law Group team can work on recovering the maximum possible compensation in your case.

Scottsdale Residents Trust The Stewart Law Group For Personal Injury Cases

Due to our decades of expertise in working with clients like you, we sympathize with the pain and suffering you are experiencing from your personal injury. We can help you understand the intricacies of Arizona’s personal injury laws and how it applies to your case. At Stewart Law Group, we want to do everything we can to help you set this wrong right.

Starting the process is as straightforward as requesting your free case review. In our case reviews, the Stewart Law team will examine all the details of your case to help maximize your chances of receiving the full compensation owed to you.

So don’t delay – get your complimentary personal injury case review today by calling us at 602-562-5000.