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Scott David Stewart – Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Scott David Stewart has the qualities Arizonans look for in a top-rated personal injury lawyer – professionalism, leadership, extensive trial practice, and an unwavering commitment to his clients’ well-being.

Founder of 602 Law Group

An Arizona native born and raised in Phoenix, Scott founded 602 Law Group to provide “Real help for real people.” 602 Law Group provides injury victims the attention and personalized service they need and lawfully deserve. The law firm’s legal team is focused on improving the client-experience in the aftermath of vehicular accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, dog bites and other personal injury claims.

Former Prosecutor

Scott was a prosecutor earlier in his legal career. While Deputy County Attorney for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, he also served as Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor and Major Felony Crimes Prosecutor. As a prosecuting attorney, he spent countless hours meticulously preparing for, and successfully litigating, factually complex cases in which serious bodily injuries were all too frequent. In private practice, Scott applies his winning trial strategies – mastered while prosecuting criminal cases – to each personal injury client’s case.

It takes grit to be a major felony crimes prosecutor. It also takes grit to represent the widow in a wrongful death action after a car crash took her husband’s life. Or to represent a small child in need of reconstructive surgery after being mauled by a dog. And to represent a client with catastrophic personal injuries from a motorcycle accident. Scott has the determination to successfully guide his clients’ cases through each evidentiary twist and turn. He does everything in his power to hold at-fault parties responsible. To hold them accountable and make things right for his clients and their families.

Personal Injury Trial Attorney

For Scott, litigation and trial practice has always taken center stage. In his personal injury practice, clients seek damages for the negligent or intentional harm they suffered. For some clients, the case will be a wrongful death lawsuit.

Scott’s clients are ordinary people who were going about their daily activities. People whose lives were upended by personal injury accidents involving cars, commercial trucks, or motorcycles. People who were hit riding their bicycles or struck in pedestrian crosswalks.

Every injury victim is important to Scott and his legal team. His clients always know where they stand and are always kept informed. Scott carefully explains the strengths and weaknesses of the case. In circumstances where the injured party may have been partially at fault, he explains how Arizona’s comparative negligence law may impact damages.

Formal Education

Scott attended NAU and holds a BA in Speech Communication (1996). For his JD (2001), he chose Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law for its signature certificate program in Litigation and ADR and reputation for producing trial attorneys.

In law school, Scott became a certified mediator with the Center for Conflict Resolution and successfully mediated high-conflict landlord-tenant disputes for Cook County Circuit Court. Seeking more courtroom experience, he joined the law school’s criminal defense clinic.

With several other law students and their clinical professor, Scott helped research, investigate, and uncover evidence proving a death row inmate’s innocence. The clinic and professor were profiled on the nationally syndicated television show Extra® and numerous other local media news stations. Even then, Scott exhibited the strength of character, diligence, and tenacity it takes to handle the most complex cases.

With more than two decades of litigation experience, Scott is the voice his clients need to balance power in a legal fight over liability and damages. When you meet Scott, you will shake hands with a caring individual who has dedicated his life to helping hurt people obtain justice, fair compensation, and a better future. His attention to the smallest detail is unmatched.

Skilled Negotiator

Always well-prepared, before negotiating on his client’s behalf Scott will have investigated the facts, developed a legal strategy, and determined the path forward. If reasonable settlement is not forthcoming, then he litigates the case with surgical precision.

His winning reputation precedes him in these cases. When negotiating with at-fault parties about his client’s personal injury claim, he puts teeth into a threat to litigate. At the negotiating table, his confidence communicates one thing – he means business and sees through their self-serving tactics.

Adverse parties know that if negotiations fall off, Scott will execute a trial strategy for the best possible verdict. They know juries can be very sympathetic to injured plaintiffs. They know Scott is determined to get compensation for his client in all relevant forms and to set things right. They know he will hold their feet to the fire.

Two-Way Communication with Clients

An important aspect of representing injured victims is staying in regular contact. Client circumstances are often changing – the patient may need additional surgeries, therapy may not work, infection may set in, medical conditions may worsen. Many clients need medical care and mental health care. They may have to wait months for the next necessary treatment.

What is a personal injury case really worth?

Scott advises clients on how to deal with their medical bills – past, current, and future – while the case is ongoing. The costs associated with their needs must be figured into the damages. There may be rehabilitation and re-education costs. Disability may be temporary or permanent. Returning to work may not be possible for a long time, perhaps not at all. Every client needs to appreciate the importance of seeking the correct damages for the economic and non-economic harm suffered.

Typically, a personal injury client has a contingency fee agreement with the attorney. Generally, this means the attorney is not compensated unless and until a settlement is agreed to or a court judgment is entered.

Legal Associations

Attorney Scott David Stewart is a member of the State Bar of Arizona, Maricopa County Bar Association, and American Bar Association. His affiliations also include Arizona Attorneys’ for Criminal Justice, National College for DUI Defense, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and American Association for Justice. Scott is a 10-of-10 “Superb” rated attorney by Avvo, Inc., and AV Preeminent® attorney-rated by Martindale-Hubbell®.

602 Law Group is an accredited A+ rated Arizona business with the Better Business Bureau.

Personal Life

Scott, Colleen, and their two daughters live in The Valley – the community they love and serve. In his free time, Scott enjoys golfing and competing in triathlons.

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